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About Us

You know how these days we tend not to meet anyone new but stay in our own safe little groups and then moan about how we never meet anyone interesting? That’s the reason why I created “Turned-On Events”, an online and offline network of successful, talented, forward thinkers who want to meet and support like-minded people and share their knowledge, talent, and energy with one another. The goal is to collectively improve each other’s lives whilst growing our network with deeper and more meaningful connections.

Why You Should Join Us

We host regular activities, workshops, hangouts, talks, and parties on zoom and in person where you can meet and interact with interesting speakers and guests. Topics discussed include dating, food & nutrition, relationships, personal style, entrepreneurship, sustainability, fitness, personal development, sexual health & wellness, entrepreneurship, finance, music, travel, and more!

Each of us has a special gift and it's up to us to share that gift with the group as it grows and develops. This isn't a community for sitting back and being passive, this is a community of engagement, helping to ensure that all of us are growing and developing together and realizing our full potential.

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